How many of our happy moments are destroyed by our mind

Many of us feel stressed or anxious during certain points in our lives. So, when we finally get a ray of happiness and positivity that has come to delete that negativity, our minds make the matter worse by making us think that it is another negative event.

This is how we spoil our happy moments and cause us even more anxiety and depression. Says psychologist Maike Neuhaus on this condition,

Our mind is a funny thing. Even though (I’m convinced) it only ever wants to protect us, it can have a rather depressing way of doing sometimes.

Signs our minds are ruining our moments of happiness

Here are the signs to watch out for if your mind is playing tricks on you and preventing you from enjoying happiness.


Our minds are trying to make up every possible worst-case scenario and making us believe that there is something negative in the happy moment before us.


This attitude can make us think that the positive moment is not positive enough to feel happy yet and it’s missing something.

Constant Comparison

Additionally, we end up comparing our lifestyle with others and this leads to the thought that we are not enough for ourselves and can ruin our happiness.


Possibly our worst enemy, overthinking about a lot of situations can lead to a downfall and rob us of our happiness.

Negativity Bias

Finally, having this bias in mind can ruin our happiness even more because we tend to focus more on the negative than the positive.

Thus, this is how our minds steal our moments of happiness from us sometimes. So, stop all these attitudes once and for all and focus your life on the positive.

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