What sort of relationship should be maintained with unhealthy thoughts?

In our lives, we encounter two types of thoughts- one that are healthy or positive thoughts and the other that are unhealthy or negative thoughts.

Oftentimes, we try to focus only on the positive aspects of our lives and completely block out the negativity. However, we must pay attention to the latter as well because they also have a story to tell.

Additionally, these thoughts can also make us feel agitated and disturbed with ourselves and how to deal with them healthily is the best way forward.

Says therapist Andrea Evgeniou on dealing with unhealthy thoughts,

Change your relationship with your thoughts by responding with understanding, acceptance, and self-compassion.

Helpful ways to deal effectively with our unhealthy thoughts

Here are some practical and effective ways to start dealing with our unhealthy thoughts right away.

Labelling them as just thoughts

Don’t let negative thoughts get the better of you. Instead, start labeling them as just thoughts and treat them normally.

Have patience with your thoughts

Moreover, we must understand that we have to be patient with our thoughts and accept that everything will get better with time.

Counteract them with gratitude

When you feel that your negative thoughts are seriously taking control of your life, start by replacing them with thoughts of gratitude.

Understanding their source

Furthermore, it is also imperative that the origin of these thoughts be understood. Mostly, our negative thoughts emerge from the fact that we have a sense of insecurity within ourselves. Thus, the best way to calm ourselves is to respond to our thoughts compassionately.

Observing and keeping a distance from such thoughts

Rather than getting attached to our thoughts, we should just observe them. Also, we should keep a serious distance from them as well.

Thus, these are some helpful tips to help you overcome your negative thoughts effectively and don’t think too much about them.

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