Exercises to improve your bone health and increase longevity

Our bone health is vital for our overall longevity and good physical health. If our skeletal system becomes weak at a young age, it can cause us a lot of problems and we will become victims of various lifestyle diseases as well.

However, there is hope on the horizon as we have a multitude of exercises to increase and maintain our bone density.

Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor has prescribed some effective exercises that are time-tested as well. We will look at each of these in detail.

List of effective exercises to boost our bone health and density

Here is a list of the exercises that can greatly increase our bone health and improve our longevity.


Firstly, walking has always been considered a great exercise for boosting bone health. It helps give strength to the bones and improves balance as well. So, do some walking either in the morning or evening, at your convenience.


The next bone-boosting activity is to enroll yourself in some dancing classes. Nowadays, Zumba is all the rage and many people are registering for these classes. Dancing also has the added benefits of weight loss and being a stress-buster.

Climb those stairs

Stop using the lifts and start climbing stairs at your home, workplace, or anywhere where there is a provision. Stairs help in strengthening the lower body.

Resistance Training

Doing exercises such as arm curls, leg presses, and squats improves muscle strength and bone density. Additionally, you can also use resistance bands to improve bone strength.


Finally, doing yoga is a great way to increase bone strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. Do poses such as the warrior pose and Surya Namaskar for excellent bone health.

Thus, this is how you can increase your bone density and strength naturally without having to take calcium supplements. So, go ahead and get those bones into shape.

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