Hybrid work model: A double-edged sword for marriages

Nowadays marriages are getting affected big time, and the reason for this is the hybrid work model developed after COVID-19.

Previously, in-office work created a natural desire between couples to miss each other and wait to meet once again.

However, the new normal has turned the whole world upside down, especially for couples who are now navigating the new landscape together.

The hybrid work model, designed to give couples more quality time has only given a wedge in a happy marriage.

Additionally, managing work stress and home duties simultaneously at home is affecting many marriages as it raises contempt.

It has been suggested that missing each other is a normal component of any marriage. But, that’s not the case anymore.

Because of too much availability of the partner at home, it also becomes quite difficult to manage relationships these days.

Says Dr Chandni Tugnait on the hybrid work model for marriages,

As the world adjusts to the new normal, the hybrid work paradigm, which provides flexibility and a mix of remote and in-office work, has become a cornerstone of professional life. This tectonic shift, however, is changing how we work and leaving an indelible imprint on our personal lives, particularly marriages. The impact of the hybrid job model on relationships is evident in 2023, changing marital life dynamics in unexpected ways.

Ways in which the hybrid work model has affected marriages this year

Let’s look at how the new normal has drastically affected marriages this year and created a distance between couples.

No set boundaries between work and personal life

These days, the hybrid work model has not allowed couples to set proper boundaries between work and personal life. Many marriages are trying to set up proper boundaries between the two spheres as it is now a necessity with the hybrid work model. Previously, there were specific and clear boundaries. However, the picture has changed completely and this has created tensions and disagreements between couples.

More time spent at home rather than away

Because of the hybrid work model, couples are spending more time with each other rather than staying apart from one another. This is having serious repercussions on marriages as couples are not adjusting well to the new normal. Before, going to the office for work naturally created a break between couples as this allowed them to miss and treasure each other more. Furthermore, with the amount of closeness, it is difficult to create a proper balance between connection and personal space to maintain the relationship.

Having to juggle between flexibility and burnout

Although the hybrid work model has been designed to give flexibility to couples, it has also given them headaches as well. Balancing both professional and personal work from home has created the risk of burnout that can be harmful to both emotional and mental health. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have open communication with each other so that one spouse is not left alone. Rules must also be set for work hours and personal space that allows couples to have a successful marriage.

Improper communication channels between couples

Due to the hybrid work model, couples are constantly engaged through virtual communication, making face-to-face a rarity. This creates a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding between them and bridging the gap can become quite difficult between them.

Quality time is becoming compromised

Nowadays, the hybrid work model has also affected the quality time of couples as they are now finding ways to create memories and spend more quality time with each other. But, somehow this work model has created a lot of monotony in a couple’s life and they are unable to get out of it. To break the habit, they must do activities together from time to time such as date evenings occasionally, trying out common hobbies, and having new experiences.

While the hybrid work model has been a blessing for couples, it has also created a lot of rifts. The crucial aspects of maintaining a marriage today are adaptability and open communication. Those couples who can do so effectively are the ones who can live happily married in today’s society.

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