ADHDers have a hard time in the mornings; here’s why

In today’s society, people with ADHD struggle a lot because they already have to live with their disorder all their lives and also manage the pace of modern life which can sometimes cause them a lot of worry.

Moreover, the major symptoms of ADHD are attention deficiency, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness which is quite a lot.

That’s why waking up early in the morning can be quite a task for them and they don’t enjoy getting up to do their daily chores around the house.

Says therapist Meredith Carder on morning struggles for ADHDers,

Many ADHDers struggle with mornings for a multitude of reasons. Not all of us will get to the point where we jump out of bed every day with a great attitude…but we can make small shifts to calm the chaos.

Reasons why ADHDers face a tough time during mornings

Here’s a list of reasons why ADHDers find morning time difficult for themselves and their mental health.

Disinterest in doing everyday tasks

The struggle is real for people with ADHD to jump out of bed and do their routine everyday tasks. They find it rather unappealing.

Decision paralysis troubles them

Moreover, these people suffer from decision paralysis as well because of which they are not able to get out of their beds- feelings of overwhelm threaten to ruin their day.

Getting hyperfocused at night

Furthermore, people with ADHD also go into a mode called hyperfocus and this usually happens during nighttime. This condition makes it difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep and then they wake up fatigued in the morning.

Suffer from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Additionally, people with ADHD also suffer from a unique syndrome called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. This can destroy their entire sleep-wake cycles and cause them to remain drained in the morning.

Fearing the to-do list

Finally, people with ADHD fear completing the tasks on their to-do lists because they feel that it is too much for them and they become overwhelmed.

Thus, these are the reasons why ADHDers face a hard time during the mornings. However, if they do their tasks in small bits, then it will not trigger any alarms inside them and they will feel much better while doing the tasks.

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