Be best friends with your nervous system and see the magic happen

Oftentimes, we are preoccupied with stress, depression, and anxiety, it is all because our nervous system is getting haywire and not allowing us to work properly.

Therefore, we must start paying attention to our nervous system and befriend it. It has been suggested that when we do so, we end up becoming calmer and relaxed.

Says psychologist Kelly Vincent on befriending the nervous system,

Understanding your nervous system states can have a huge impact on how you experience stress and anxiety. When we begin to befriend our nervous system and get familiar with its patterns, we can intentionally make shifts to better support what it may need.

Reasons why we should start the process of becoming best friends with our nervous system

Let’s take a deeper look at why we should befriend our nervous system and reap the healthy benefits.

Can counteract stress

When we are excellent friends with our nervous systems, it reduces the stress levels in our bodies.

Helps in managing emotions

As we start to understand our inner selves better, we can give better instructions to our survival brain and manage our emotions effectively.

Helps in navigating stress and anxiety

Sometimes our mind misjudges the emotions and sensations that we may be experiencing at that moment which can lead to panic attacks.

Developing somatic awareness

When we have enough developed somatic awareness, it can help in identify our inner selves better and make us safer.

Understanding our internal surveillance system

Finally, we should be able to understand our internal surveillance system which is the master controller of our emotions and address the emotions that we may be feeling at that moment.

Thus, this is how we can become the best of friends with our inner selves to function better in daily life and lead it more happily as well.

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