What is aging anxiety and why it troubles the elderly and us?

As we advance toward old age, most of us experience sudden anxiety and we feel that we will not be able to cope with the upcoming challenges that life has for us at this stage.

Additionally, many elderly people in their old age feel lonely and uncomfortable when living in their ages. They crave the company of others such as their child and grandchildren which gives them a sense of fulfillment.

However, when they are deprived of this luxury, they develop aging anxiety and can’t seem to spend their time alone at home.

Says therapist Carolyn Rubenstein on aging anxiety,

Aging anxiety is a concern for many, characterised by the fear of the inevitable physical, mental, and social changes that accompany aging. This anxiety isn’t confined to a specific age group; it can surface at any point in life, often triggered by milestones like birthdays or the start of a new year.

Reasons why we get aging anxiety and what are its symptoms

Here is a list of reasons why we develop aging anxiety and what are its symptoms.

Fear of losing mobility and strength

When we develop this anxiety, we fear that when we grow old, we will lose all our mobility and strength, and thoughts of declining physical health also worry us.

Not able to accomplish all our goals

As we age, we start regretting that we never could accomplish all the goals that we had in our lives. Additionally, shifting roles in any sphere can scare us many times.

Making peace with our physical and mental health

When we have grown old, we start to make peace with our physical and mental health. But, when we are not comfortable with how our body starts appearing as we age, it becomes a preoccupying thought.

Regretting about not doing more or less

Furthermore, we start having more regrets regarding not doing more or less in our lives and it can completely cloud our brain.

Becoming lonely

Finally, when we start losing our friends and family through death and start depending on others to take care of our needs, it can give us many jitters. Also, having to do everything by ourselves can give us a lot of sadness which can become difficult to endure sometimes.

Thus, these are the various things that happen to us when we grow old and the thoughts that can become a preoccupying factor in our lives.

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