How having an inner critic can demolish our life and mental health

Criticism is always a negative word for us in our daily lives and when we have a critic inside ourselves, it makes matters even worse.

This inner critic always judges us and criticizes our every move which can take quite a toll on our mental health.

Says therapist Carolyn Rubenstein on this inner critic,

Living with an inner critic can feel like having an unyielding, harsh voice inside your head. It relentlessly assesses, judges, and criticizes every aspect of your being, fixating on perceived flaws, mistakes, and inadequacies. This constant stream of negative self-talk can be incredibly draining.

Ways in which our inner critic berates us and causes more harm than good

Here are some ways in which our inner critic can make our lives a living hell for us.

Makes us frustrated and drained

Our inner critic often sends a barrage of negative talk and checks our perceived flaws all the time. This can give us a lot of frustration.

Setting up quite high standards

Additionally, courtesy of our inner critic, we start setting up very high standards for ourselves and also face the pressure of not being able to achieve them. This makes us feel that we are not good enough.

A constant reminder of perfection

Furthermore, this inner demon causes us to become a perfect version of ourselves. When we are not able to achieve this, we feel that we are not good enough for others.

Doubting and second-guessing ourselves

Finally, this monster also makes us doubt ourselves and makes us second-guess our life choices. This gives us a feeling that we are wrong.

Thus, it’s high time that we stop listening to this and believe in ourselves more. This will ensure a healthy life for us and we get freedom from this demon.

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