Signs that our bodies may be addicted to the stress hormone

When we aren’t feeling up to the mark, it is a sign that our body is getting highly addicted to the stress hormone, cortisol known simply as adrenaline.

Moreover, this hormone also affects our daily functioning and can leave us helpless sometimes. Therefore, we must be able to deal with this hormone healthily.

Says nutritionist Marina Wright on this addiction,

The ongoing impact of chronic stress on the brain’s reward system and neurotransmitter balance can lead to a dependence on the physical and mental effects of stress hormones.

Ways in which our bodies are showing a massive dependence on stress hormones

Let’s check out some ways in which our bodies are operating solely on the effects of the stress hormones.

Too much phone checking

Firstly, we tend to check our phones constantly when under stress because we want to be updated about the latest happenings through the world of our notifications and emails.

Not doing anything makes us uncomfortable

Even if we are enjoying a free period to ourselves and not performing any important tasks, it gives us jitters and we become uncomfortable.

Comparing ourselves to others

Furthermore, we start criticizing ourselves and compare our lives to those who are much more successful than us. This also leads us to a point where we start talking with ourselves.

Develop a liking for remaining busy

Additionally, we drown ourselves in our work and tend to remain busy throughout the day because we don’t want a single moment of inactivity.

Feel tired and overwhelmed

Finally, stress hormones can practically make us exhausted throughout the day and we aren’t able to disconnect from life and fall asleep properly.

Thus, these are some of the signs that tell us how much stress hormones impact our lives and cause an unhealthy addiction.

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