How certain hormones impact our brain health and functionality

Our hormones are important because they contain various neurotransmitters that affect our mood, sleep, sugar levels, and other important functions. Having this intricate connection ensures that we are always at the top of our game and achieve great things in life.

Moreover, our hormones also play a huge role in cognitive functions and regulating our stress responses. Therefore, it also keeps our mental health in check.

Says naturopathic doctor Corina Dunlap on the effects of hormones,

This intricate connection means that hormonal imbalances can significantly impact mental health, affecting everything from emotional regulation to memory and decision-making processes.

The important five hormones and their impact on our body

Let’s take a look at the important hormones that keep our body functioning and healthy for a long life.

Thyroid Hormone

Our thyroid hormones keep our metabolism in a stable condition and enhance our brain development, more so during infancy.


When we are under stress, our cortisol jumps into action and regulates the amount of stress that our body can endure. Additionally, it also helps in managing our stress, mood, and fear responses. Moreover, it also enhances memory formation, sleep-wake cycle, and alertness.


This hormone is responsible for maintaining our glucose levels in the body and how our brain cells use up that glucose. Furthermore, it also helps in improving memory and cognitive functioning.


When it comes to estrogen, this hormone helps in improving mood, learning, and memory functions. Additionally, it also increases neural growth and elasticity.


Finally, progesterone is the final hormone that helps in modulating our moods and creating new brain cells every day. It also calms the brain down whenever we are irritated or upset.

Thus, this is how our hormones are our best friends and help us in leading the best possible lives both physically and mentally. So, make sure we eat a proper diet, do lots of exercise, and adopt the best lifestyle practices to keep them healthy.

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