Don’t avoid your emotions and isolate yourselves as it increases distress

In this society, all of us undergo different emotions from time to time. However, we start to avoid our emotions and think that it may give us extra suffering.

But, if we avoid our emotions, then we can suffer even more suffering rather than not listening to and adhering to our emotions.

Says therapist Andrea Evgeniou on emotional distress,

It’s crucial to understand that every emotion, regardless of its perceived negativity, serves a purpose, offering insights into our inner world and the world around us. Acknowledging and confronting our feelings is a fundamental step towards healing and personal growth. It is through this courageous engagement with our emotional selves that we can achieve a deeper understanding and a more balanced state of mental health.

Reasons for avoiding our emotions and suffering for them as a result

Here’s why we all avoid our natural emotions and make ourselves suffer even more in the process.

Uncomfortable feelings are bad

Firstly, we all tend to believe that we must avoid emotions because some of these are uncomfortable, and being in an uncomfortable position is bad. However, we forget that doing this will cause us more pain in the future.

Aren’t able to address them

Furthermore, when we avoid our emotions regularly, then it becomes extremely difficult for us to address and respond to them effectively in the long run.

Becoming lonely

Because of avoiding our feelings for too long, we become socially withdrawn and run towards the comfort of our shells. This makes us isolated from others and we can become lonely.

Become extremely intense

As a result of avoiding our feelings, we become highly intense towards others and often lash out at them if they persistently distract or try to talk to us.

Avoiding emotions can cause emotional distress

But, running away and avoiding our emotions isn’t the ideal thing to do. Because this can lead to severe emotional distress and we can eventually lose our grip on life.

Thus, these are the top reasons why we need to be more aware of our feelings as these are our own and will live with us till the end of our lives.

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