Doubt can affect our relationship with our partner in the long run

While all of us enjoy a worry and doubt-free relationship with our partners in daily life, the latter does arise when we don’t feel sure about the long-term commitment anymore. This is, however, normal in any relationship.

But, when doubts linger in our minds for a long time, it has a major impact on the relationship and may cut us off completely from our partner as well. It can also unsettle the relationship as well.

Therefore, if you start having even the slightest doubts about your relationship, the best thing to do is talk it out with your partner and seek comfort and suggestions on how these doubts can be set right and nipped right in the bud.

Says relationship coach Marlena Tillhon on doubts in a relationship,

Having doubts about your relationship can feel highly unsettling. But what if it’s not all bad? What can your doubts teach you? How can you use them to be more honest with yourself and your partner? What are your doubts trying to alert you to.

Reasons as to why we may have doubts about our relationship with our partner

Here are some of the reasons why doubts have cropped up in your budding and blossoming relationship.

A feeling of fear due to long commitment

Many times, starting on a long commitment with the one we love can sprout doubts in our mind and we form a subconscious fear of not keeping our end of the bargain or that our partner may leave us for someone better. However, if this doubt freaks you out, then it is the best time to talk to your inner voice and dive deep into yourself.

Not having enough freedom in the relationship

Sometimes, we and our partner start with the rule that we will give space and freedom to each other at particular points in the relationship. However, when this freedom to let out our emotions and thoughts is cramped or cut off, doubts form instantly.

Problem with attachment style

Those persons who have an insecure attachment style are not properly settled into the relationship and anxiety gets the better of them and they also show many doubts regarding the relationship.

Things may not be working out

Moreover, if the relationship itself is not working out with our partner, then we doubt ourselves and our partner and our mind starts giving us signs that something about the relationship is seriously not right.

Thus, these may be some of the major reasons why we aren’t able to protect our relationship sometimes and even start arguments with our partner. But, it is better to talk it out with our beloved about our concerns and doubts as it helps clear the air.

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