Factors that can lead to severe burnout in individuals

Many times, some individuals in a society look more frazzled than others because they have not been having a good day and even undergoing a severe mental problem. This can be simply a case of burnout that is very common in today’s world.

Becoming burnt out can happen due to several reasons and it can hamper an individual’s life if he/she does not get any of these factors in place with them. The term burnout refers to a condition that an individual undergoes when he/she is in a constant state of stress that causes either physical, mental, or emotional burnout.

Psychologist Alf Lokkertsen states six reasons why a person undergoes burnout. He says,

These are the six triggers: work overload, lack of control, insufficient rewards, absence of fairness, lack of community, and conflicting values.

What majorly causes burnout in individuals? Explained

Now, let’s take a look at all of these causes in detail and try to understand the reasons as well.

Overload of work

A work overload can cause extreme burnout in a person because the individual is not able to handle the given work and is unable to finish the same on time. Furthermore, this causes havoc in work-life balance as well.

Loss of control over tasks

Sometimes, we feel that our life and work are totally out of control and this causes a lot of stress to the person involved. This is another major cause of burnout that hampers many lives daily and reduces the functionality of a person.

Not getting appreciation or reward for hard work

Even when we have worked tirelessly on a project or an important task, we still don’t get the amount of recognition, praise, appreciation, or reward for doing so. This plunges us deeper into the recesses of burnout as we have already gone through enough physical and mental exhaustion over the same.

Not receiving fair treatment from others

A big role is played by cynicism which is not getting fair treatment from others at the workplace which can lead to burnout quickly. It also makes us question and distrust others because of the way they have treated us. Furthermore, we also build up walls around ourselves to protect us from any ill-treatment in the future.

Not having a proper community

Moreover, if we do not possess a good social circle in our lives, then also we can face a burnout situation. It is paramount to understand that an excellent social circle is key to maintaining our mental and physical health because we can openly share our happiness and sadness with them.

Differing values at the workplace

When working at a certain workplace, we can often undergo different values that we do not wish to associate with. By not following a particular value at the office, we may be sidelined by our colleagues and this will lead to further burnout.

Thus, these are some of the major factors that can cause burnout to any individual. However, with proper help from a psychologist, a person can overcome this condition and live better and happier lives.

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