How to address friendship issues if our friend is not paying attention

Friendship is truly a God-given gift. It is a very special relationship, even more than that we have with our partners or spouses. We confide in our friends more than our partners.

However, just like other relationships, friendship also requires attention, trust, and loyalty from both sides. We must be mindful not to hurt our friends in any way nor should they resort to such activities towards us.

But, sometimes, friendships do boil down to one-sidedness which hurts the person who is giving it all to keep this friendship alive. If we feel that our friend is disregarding our opinions or not having a healthy conversation, then it means that there is something that needs to be cleared up to get it right back on track.

Writes therapist Carolyn Rubenstein on unhealthy friendships,

If you find yourself stuck in a consistently negative, unbalanced, or harmful friendship where unacceptable behaviors persist, it’s crucial to initiate a conversation with your friend about your concerns.

Things that still are unacceptable in friendships and must end

Here are some of the things that should not be accepted by either friend in a close friendship.

Showing mutual respect to each other

Having an equal amount of respect for each other is essential because it showcases that we share a long and everlasting bond with our friends. However, if we or our friend resorts to name-calling, talking down, or just showing normal disrespect is not something that should be taken casually.

Breaking our trust constantly

When we or our friend breaks our trust consistently, it is time that we move away from that friendship once and for all because it is only harming our mental health. Also, we must get to know that they are not as trustworthy as we are.

Uncalled for insulting is not good

While it is okay to joke around about other things with our friends, it is not good to become the butt of our friends’ jokes as it can give us depression and we may never talk to our friends ever again in the future.

Not caring for our views or opinions

Moreover, if our friend is not showing any concern for our views or opinions on important topics, it is time to move on from this friendship and look for people who will show concern and even be accepting of our opinions.

Having a feeling of one-sidedness

If you see that your friendship is going towards one-sidedness where only you are showing the friendship while your friend is ignoring you, it’s time that this issue be addressed between the two of you.

Thus, these are some of the pointers that need to be taken care of when forming or maintaining friendships.

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