Making small requests from your partner from time to time

Being in a loving relationship with our partners is the best thing in the whole world. We must therefore also be open with each other and let the other person be aware of our strengths and weaknesses, as also our personalities.

But, sometimes we or our partner is not in a position to make small every day requests that is ideally our right to do so. We freak out at the mere thought of wanting a small change in our partner and even feel that this may start an argument between us.

Moreover, making small requests also depends on how well we have created a bond with our partner and if we are comfortable enough to make that request or not.

Writes relationship expert Rikki Cloos on making small requests,

Someone else’s discomfort, or inability to give them, or anger about your request doesn’t mean that you’re wrong for asking.

Ways in which we or our partner can make changes in our relationship

Keep checking on each other

To create a strong and everlasting bond with your partner, make sure you keep checking them on a regular or atleast frequent basis. Moreover, both of you can plan on doing activities together and call each other if at work.

Be aware of each other’s actions

Sometimes, you or your partner may want some alone time or both of you may also be leaving town for work. So, don’t keep each other in the dark and let your partner know in advance of your actions so that they don’t start suspecting you.

Maintain physical intimacy

Furthermore, as a couple, you both need to be physically intimate from time to time. Additionally, having pleasant conversations daily also helps strengthen and deepen the bond that you have for each other.

Giving reassurance to our partner

If you are in doubts regarding your relationship, don’t hesitate to state it out to your partner in an honest way. They will help reassure you and remove all the doubts and worry that you may be having in maintaining the relationship. Similarly, you can also help your partner when they may be having a hard time with their emotions.

Making more time for each other

Spending quality time with each other can work wonders for your relationship. Just give each other a full day and the results will become clear to you and your partner.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which we and our partner can express our love and gratitude to each other for being in the relationship and making small adjustments if needed.

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