Things to eat if you want to have good gut health or when feeling sick

We all love to eat a variety of foods in our everyday life. However, we can also feel bloated, constipated, or full sometimes after consuming too much food which our stomach cannot digest properly. This can then lead to chronic gut issues as well.

Sometimes, we eat oily, fried, or heavy food and then again eat something heavy which can have severe consequences for our stomach. Therefore, sticking to a light meal after a heavy one can do wonders for us.

While we all are aware of easy-to-digest foods, sometimes we can’t seem to figure out which foods are good for our digestive health. Therefore, seeking help from experts is the best solution if you want to have a good gut health.

Says Ayurveda expert Niti Sheth on foods for the stomach,

Good digestion helps with good immunity. What happens when you feel you’re starting to get sick (you know niggles in your throat, low appetite, fatigue, altered bowel movements, feeling a little rundown, sniffly nose- all that jazz) and you’re not sure what to eat? You’ve heard so much about ‘easy-to-digest’ food but don’t really know what it is. I’ve got you! Here’s a little guide on what sort of foods to favour and eat when you feel like you’re about to get sick!

Healthy gut foods to eat that can improve your immunity as well

Let’s go through all of these foods one by one in detail and understand how they can help in achieving better immunity.


Having any type of soup is obviously great for overall gut health and you can also reap the immunity benefits as well. Some of the soups that you can easily make at home are zucchini, asparagus, and peas, carrot and ginger, green beans, zucchini, carrot, and peas can all help you immensely when battling gut health issues.

Rice Gruel

Having a gruel is also a great way to enjoy a healthful meal. For this, you need to soak the rice in 4-8 times the water than normal and then add some salt and ginger powder and then eat this mushy, tasty meal.

Moong Dal Soup

Having a lentil soup of moong dal greatly increases our gut health and we can reap many benefits from it as well. Usually, we have seen patients having this soup in hospitals to regain their strength and become fit once again.

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is another good dish to have when your tummy is not feeling ready to eat normal food. Just bring together an assortment of vegetables and boil them in water. Add herbs and spices to make it more flavourful as well.


An all-time favourite in Indian homes, this simple mixture of dal and rice is always welcomed after having a heavy meal. You can even add spices and vegetables to ensure it becomes tasty and appetizing for everyone.

Herbal Tea

Trying various types of teas is also quite good for stomach health and what better way to have herbal teas such as lemon grass, ginger, dandelion, chamomile, and cinnamon. Apart from these, you can also try other blends that are suitable for gut health and ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Fruits are the best way to get rid of gut issues without having to make any effort. You can always opt for fruits such as pomengranate, fresh grapes or even stewed apples that can really help your tummy fight off illnesses.

Avoid these foods

However, keep in mind that you have to absolutely avoid certain foods that can affect your gut health. These are dairy, all meats, refined flours, breads, pasta, heavy legumes, beans, refined sugar, and processed snacks, especially when you are ill. However, having them once in a while is alright.

Thus, these are some of the foods that can greatly help you in achieving normal gut health at all times and never let you fall sick.

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