How to discover if our anxious partner is growing emotionally

All of us want a loving and nurturing relationship with our partners. However, sometimes we end up with a person who is having anxiety issues and can find it difficult to deal with them on his/her own. However, we must show patience, understanding, and love towards our partners if we want them to grow out of anxiety.

When we show empathy, concern, and care towards our partner, they will find it comforting and even start coming out of their anxious shell and start growing emotionally well. Therefore, we must stand by our partners, no matter what, and not criticize them for being overly anxious.

Says psychologist Benjamin Ekorhi on anxious partners,

Together, you can navigate the path beyond anxiety, growing emotionally, and fostering a nurturing, understanding bond.

How we can help our partners grow emotionally out of anxiety

Here are some signs to understand when our partners have come out of their anxiety shells.

Increased self-awareness

When our partner starts healing from anxiety, he/she will show more signs of self-awareness. They will quickly understand their behavior patterns, triggers, and traumas better and try to put them away to enjoy their quality time with us.

Showing resilience from time to time

Secondly, when our partner shows increased resilience, it is a clear sign that they are healing from anxiety. This allows them to deal with difficult challenges that they may face in the future and overcome their anxieties.

Start taking help from others for their anxiety

When our partner is not able to grapple with the challenges of anxiety on their own, they will start seeking help from others. This is yet another sign of growing emotionally well and showing trust in others.

Taking more time out for self-care

Meanwhile, if our partner starts prioritizing themselves first and value self-care, it is another indication of their healthy growth. It also shows their emotional maturity to the other person.

Taking a positive attitude towards life

Finally, when our partner starts showing a positive view of life, it means that they are now emotionally mature and have come out of their anxiety shell. They also show more optimism for various situations.

Thus, these are some of the signs that can help us understand our anxious partner’s growth better and allow us to love them unconditionally.

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