How intrusive thoughts can dampen our holiday mood

While everyone is getting into the spirit of the holidays, some of us may be having second or intrusive thoughts about negative events that may take place during this time. Many of us fear the holiday season for this reason.

Moreover, every person has different intrusive thoughts depending on their individual experiences. Additionally, anxiety levels also rise during this time, and it is important that we keep ourselves calm and collected.

We all have to face various questions from different family members, have to stand up to societal pressures, and be the best and original versions of ourselves. This puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders and our minds.

Says therapist Carolyn Rubenstein on intrusive thoughts in a person,

Intrusive thoughts can vary significantly from person to person, often shaped by individual experiences, beliefs, and anxieties. Especially during the holiday season, these intrusive thoughts may become more frequent. It’s crucial to understand that these thoughts don’t necessarily reflect reality.

Which thoughts can become intrusive in our minds for this holiday season?

Here are some of the thoughts that can ruin our holiday mood and also the family dynamics if we let them dominate us.

Financial Worries

During the holiday season, many of us feel the financial pressure as we feel that we might have overspent during this time and our bank balance has tanked slightly.

Not wanting to ruin our family

Moreover, during the holiday season, we want to spend as much time with our family as possible. Thus, saying anything offensive or incriminating can be bad for us and ultimately push us away from our loved ones. Many times, there are difficult people in our families who ask us embarrassing questions that can leave us stranded from our family.

Don’t want to ruin the holiday mood

Spending the holiday season with our loved ones is probably the best thing in the whole wide world. Everyone wants to have as many memories of this season as possible by spending quality time with each other. However, sometimes the thought of being lonely during this time also hits many of us.

Body image conscious

During the festivities, many of us also fear getting overweight as there are tons of delicacies and parties to eat and go to. This body image fear also drives many people up the wall and they start dieting as a result.

Showing fake happiness

Finally, when we aren’t happy during this time, we still have to show others through the fake way that we are happy for this time. This thought can make us emotionally and mentally drained, while also giving us frustration in the process.

Thus, these are some of the harmful thoughts that can cause us discomfort during the holiday season. It’s important to be happy and healthy from the inside and out so that we don’t spoil others’ moods.

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