Ways in which people dismiss our emotions and dominate us

Human beings are emotional persons and it is their right to show emotions as and when they happen. However, while we are showing genuine emotions to others, they don’t show importance to them and instead lash out at us for being so sensitive.

But, when others are not showing an interest in our emotions, we should deal placably with them and set certain boundaries that they mustn’t overstep at any time, and also take a bold stand for ourselves if we are being belittled.

Says therapist Klara Kernig on how to deal with dismissive people,

It’s about understanding their impact and learning how to respond.

No one has the right to dismiss our feelings completely however big or small they are. We all have a way of feeling how we feel and no one can dictate us on how to behave.

Few ways in which our feelings are taken for granted or dismissed

Let’s take a look at how people belittle or dismiss our feelings completely when we are expressing them genuinely.


When others don’t want to deal with our emotions in daily life, they just lash out at us or throw an angry reaction towards us to make us quieten down. This is their way to minimize the problem.

Deflecting Attention

When they don’t want to hear anything from us or our emotions, they end up talking about themselves and their qualities and try to completely wipe off the situation.


Probably the easiest thing to do in life, people blame the persons themselves who are showing their emotional and vulnerable side. They may say nasty things that can make us even more emotional and then dismiss our thoughts entirely.

Invalidating our Experience

This is a classic psychological manipulation technique used by others on us as they tell us that we are living in a delusional world and we must come face to face with reality. This makes our emotional experience even worse.

Flat-out Dismissing our Feelings

Many times, we experience that people don’t show any interest in talking to us or simply ignore us at home or work. This is their idea of avoiding conversation with an emotional person and keeping their safe distance.

Thus, this is how our emotions get played with and how we must not back down if we are being treated in such a way. Meanwhile, using our voices is the only way to validate our emotions to those around us and having a healthy mind.

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