How to resolve conflicts with your partner in the proper way

Many times we and our partner engage in violent conflicts which can be quite harder to solve if we don’t change our thoughts and temperaments towards each other. It is for the best that we look at the whole situation from different perspectives and find a middle path.

Therefore, we must take control of the situation and de-escalate it from happening again in the future. Talking it out with our partner can help in getting great solutions to our problems.

Says therapist Jordan Dann on de-escalating a conflict with a partner,

The secret de-escalation of conflict is to recognise and attend to the vulnerable spots in ways that don’t engage in negativity, shame, blame, or criticism.

Ways to de-escalate conflicts with our partner properly

Let’s find out some ways to deal with an argument and solve it properly with our partner without causing much harm to each other.

Take a break from each other

When both partners are agitated after a major argument, it is best to take a break from each other because trying to find solutions during the argument will not help as both partners are agitated with each other.

Controlling our nervous system

Having control over our nervous systems helps during a massive argument. So, always take deep calming breaths and steady yourself and if necessary go to another room, away from your partner to compose yourself.

Changing thoughts about each other

Many times, we have a bad mentality of me vs you thinking that stops us and our partner from thinking with clarity. A relationship is only workable when the partners work together to find a solution rather than spending time away from each other.

Address the issue properly

Rather than lashing out at each other and blaming them for the argument. When we argue, we should show a bigger heart, take responsibility for the same, and work towards achieving a solution.

Looking at the bigger picture

After the argument, we should try to look at the bigger picture and space out from each other. Additionally, we must also look at the core issues of the argument and solve them from right there.

Thus, this is how we can de-escalate from a horrible argument with our partner and live a happy life with each other together.

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