Which factors can trigger emotionally charged people?

People who are emotionally very sensitive or highly emotional can have a hard time in their lives if they find certain factors affecting them and their daily functioning. While it may not look too big for others, it means a great deal for these people.

Several factors can affect a sensitive person because they tend to overthink everything and imagine worst-case scenarios as well for themselves. That’s why they also avoid social gatherings and prefer staying at home.

Says therapist Lalitaa Suglani on the nature of sensitive people,

Identifying your triggers and realising that your sensitive mind will always feel more deeply and process a bit differently than others is a huge step toward understanding your overwhelming experiences.

Reasons why a sensitive person gets triggered badly by certain situations

Here are some of the factors that can affect a highly sensitive person in many ways.

Not able to understand our relationship with others

Oftentimes, emotionally sensitive people have a hard time figuring out their standing in a relationship with other people.

Lack of sleep can affect their mental health

Furthermore, not getting sufficient amounts of sleep also affects their mental health very badly and they aren’t able to focus on anything properly.

Social events make them anxious

Attending various social events, and being in the same room with a lot of people can affect the mental health of an emotional person very badly.

Overthinking: The enemy of emotionally sensitive people

The major factor of overthinking kills many emotionally sensitive people because it causes them exhaustion.

Misunderstanding between them and others

Furthermore, emotionally sensitive people get misunderstood many times because of their different nature.

Thus, these are major triggers that can affect the thinking and daily functioning of emotionally charged people. Therefore, it is advisable to have patience with them and understand their thoughts clearly.

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