How to gather ourselves during the holiday season emotionally

With Christmas and New Year approaching quickly, it is a happy time for all of us as we get together with friends and family and celebrate the holiday season with full gusto and enjoyment.

However, these celebrations and festivities can also take a toll on our mental health and we can feel ourselves drifting away from others and finding secluded spots where we can ruminate in peace and get closer to ourselves.

Meanwhile, being around family and friends too much can also make us overwhelmed and frustrated as sometimes ill-meaning talks and comments can drift in the air about us which can give us massive jitters as well.

Says therapist Alexis Florentina Borja on self-regulation during the holiday season,

No matter the case, if you’re gathering with family or friends and find yourself feeling anxious, irritated, overwhelmed or even a little sad, you may find some comfort in self-regulating tools.

Tips on how to keep ourselves emotionally well during the holiday season

Here are a few ways in which we can keep our emotions under check and make sure they don’t spill out in front of everybody.

Holding warm beverages

During the holiday season, all of us love hot chocolate, tea, or coffee because it keeps our bodies warm internally. However, when our emotions are not under our control, we can always hold our beverage with both hands and feel its warmth on our skin. This is a good way to control our emotions and keep a focus on the temperature of the beverage in our hands.

Taking a walk in nature

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed during holiday celebrations with family and friends and want a quiet time away from them all. In this case, you can always take a short stroll or walk in nature to help calm your nerves and ease out your emotions.

Holding onto a chair tight

If emotions such as irritability or anxiety are getting the better of us, we can always place our feet firmly on the ground or simply hold the chair tight with both hands on which we are sitting so as to get over the uncomfortable feelings.

Playing with pets or children

Meanwhile, if your mood needs a little uplift, playing with pets or children during the holidays can give you just that. It is already well-known that children and pets are instant mood boosters and playing with them can reduce our stress levels. This way we can focus our energy on something positive as well.

Letting our bodies sway

When sitting and chit-chatting with our families and friends, we can just let our body a bit loose and sway it from side to side as it helps in keeping our nervous system under a safety blanket and we feel happy.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which we can overcome our negative emotions during the holiday season and enjoy it to the fullest with the ones we love and cherish the most.

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