Ways in which we can stand up for ourselves; how to do the same

In today’s scenario, it is important that we have our voices and use them as and when needed. When we speak up for ourselves, we not only gain respect but also admiration from others around us. However, many of us feel too shy to do so because we want to please people and also fear their anger over us.

Therefore, having a voice is essential in today’s society because it helps us save ourselves from getting stuck in perilous situations and gives us the rights that we want for ourselves.

Writes psychologist Alf Lokkertsen on standing up for oneself,

For some, it is difficult to stand up for themselves. Because they are scared, want to people please or have low confidence.

Meanwhile, he is also of the opinion that one must not show aggression, instead, one must assert their opinions to others to get and understand your point of view.

Tips for becoming more assertive in our stand against others

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we can be more assertive and able to put our point across.

Think about your needs

Before you start taking a stand for yourself, take a thorough assessment of yourself and mark out the topics, needs, and wants that you want to take a stand for yourself. This assessment is essential for you.

Self Awareness is key

Taking good stock of our behavior is important because it helps us realize if we are pleasing people too much and not caring and putting ourselves first. This can be hazardous to our mental health because then we suffer greatly and others make merry from using us.

Making a list

We also must have a list at hand that helps us give clarity on what are our needs and wants. When we have our priorities clear, then only we will be able to take a stand on the issues that concern us the most.

Starting small

If we are not confident enough to take a stand at the moment, then we should start small and stand up for others who are talking about an issue that concerns them most. By doing so, we will gain more confidence and then we will be able to do so on our own quite easily.

Dealing with guilt or shame

When we are taking a stand for ourselves, we will face issues of guilt and shame because others will not accept our opinions quickly. But, it is better to not be scared to do so because it’s all part of the process of self-growth and putting our priorities first.

Thus, these are the ways in which we can take a stand for ourselves quite easily. When we speak up for ourselves, we will grow with good mental health and people-pleasing will be the last thing on our minds.

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