What habits to adopt if we want to have a calm sleep at night?

In today’s society, getting a restful sleep is usually the stuff of dreams for every one of us. We all want our beauty sleep no matter what so that we can rise and shine in a good mood the next day. However, because of our lifestyle choices, we are unable to do so and remain awake most nights.

Losing sleep on a daily basis can lead to sleep deprivation which can be harmful for our daily functioning in life. It is therefore essential that we always sleep for the appropriate number of hours to ensure a well-rested night.

To stop tossing and turning in bed, nutritionist Karishma Shah says,

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night? Let’s talk about something we often overlook-our eating habits and how they affect our sleep.

Eating smart is the best strategy to get a good night’s sleep

Here are some of the ways in which we can curb our eating habits and get a good night’s sleep as well.

Time is of the essence

Whenever you are having your dinner, make sure it is 2-3 hours before hitting the bed. It not only will aid proper digestion but also allow you to rest on a half-empty stomach and not sleep with discomfort.

Eat foods rich in nutritional value

You must eat foods that have sleep-inducing qualities so that you can rest better at night. These foods must contain magnesium and melatonin. Some of the foods that can help you go to sleep are cherries and various types of nuts.

Drink less fluids at night

In order to rest well, ensure that your liquid intake becomes minimal just before bed. Take only a few sips of water before you hit the sack. This will negate your frequent bathroom trips and you will rest properly.

Avoid anything oily or spicy

Eating heavy oily and spice-rich foods can certainly give you a lot of discomfort at night as it leads to a bloated stomach and even some digestive issues as well. You may even get acid reflux at night because of such foods. Therefore, eat simple meals that are easily digestible and less spicy.

Snack right before bed

If you’re craving a bedtime snack, then make sure that you have something healthy and filling. For example, a banana with almond butter on a slice of bread is not only nutritious but also filling for you. This also reduces the cravings for fattening snacks.

Thus, these are some of the ways we can change our eating habits to get a good sleep. Hope these tips help you as well.

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