Let’s get to know some major types of stress as explained by psychologist

Nowadays, a majority of people experience stress on an everyday basis. While it could be negative or positive, everyone is under stress every day. It is hard to remove stress from our lives as it haunts us throughout our lives.

Meanwhile, this mental state can give us both negative and positive feelings. However, we all associate it with negative events, and only rarely do we notice the positive effects of it. But, it is what it is and we have to overcome it if it’s negative and get motivation from it if it’s positive.

Writes psychologist Alf Lokkertsen on this aspect of our lives,

Stress is a state of constant worry and tension. It can be induced by a lot of factors. In psychology, stress is a known and important factor which plays a role in the onset of mental health issues. For example, stress can lead to an anxiety disorder or even depression.

We all have seen people becoming victims of depression and undergoing treatment for the same from an expert psychiatrist or psychologist. Getting out of depression can take months or years to come out from.

Types of stress that affect us on a constant basis in our lives

Let’s now take a look at what are some of the types that we are or aren’t familiar with in our lives.

Acute Stress

This is usually short-lived and occurs only when there is an extreme calamity or emergency in our lives. Moreover, symptoms of this include becoming startled, feeling anxious, or getting irritated.

Chronic Stress

This continues longer than the acute one and often involves triggers that haunt us on a daily basis. Often we feel that these triggers don’t leave us easily and we have to accept them eventually and live with them all our lives. It can be something like being in a toxic relationship or workplace, this gives us depression and causes us to gain enormous amounts of weight.

Episodic Stress

As the name suggests, this happens only during certain time periods such as seasonal or in a crowded place. Symptoms of this include getting panicky and being tensed throughout the day. It affects the person on a seasonal basis every year and goes away when the season ends.

Positive Stress

Positive stress occurs when people are excited or nervous before a big event such as going on stage to perform or receiving a prize for exceptional standing. Even intense sports can also give us this feeling. Many of us did feel this during the final of the ICC ODI World Cup between India and Australia. Symptoms of this include adrenaline and excitement in individuals.

Thus, these are some of the types of stress that we encounter at some points in our lives. We must be aware of the signs and symptoms of these and ensure we get proper help from a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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