Why are we not able to communicate well with our partner?

Being in a relationship with your partner or spouse brings its own difficulties and challenges in the long run. Be it an argument or avoiding conversation altogether on difficult topics, we all have our fair share of problems in a relationship.

However, we all want to be as open to our partner as possible and also expect them to share their problems with us. But, it is not so easy always and both of us tend to keep difficult topics at bay and rather not talk about it at all.

Therefore, having a totally open relationship sometimes becomes way too difficult and that’s why we need to solve any issues with our partner at the earliest so that no tough topics remain between us.

Writes relationship coach Julia Woods on how to communicate well with a partner,

You want to need each other. You want to bounce ideas off each other, brainstorm together, problem-solve, and come up with possibilities together! And let’s not forget you would like to feel loved, valued, and deeply connected to this person.

Ways in which we may not be communicating with our partner

Let’s talk about some of the ways in which we and our partner may be growing distant from each other.

Other’s actions cause us disappointment

When our partner performs any embarrassing actions or something really bad to us, it causes us much disappointment and we completely cut them out and stop talking to them altogether as well. This can cause much harm to the relationship. Therefore, if your partner causes any form of upsetting action, then try and make them explain that they do not repeat this action in the future.

Not sharing our emotions fully with our partner

Oftentimes, we suppress our emotions in front of our partner because we feel that they may make fun of us and call us weak in front of everybody. Therefore, we decide to compromise on it and keep our mouths and emotions shut in front of our partner. This is another big sign of not communicating well in a relationship.

Not able to ask questions on difficult topics

Sometimes, if we really want to talk about a difficult situation with our partner, then we feel scared to ask the right questions and instead change the subject altogether. Other times, we already know what they are going to answer when we ask them questions on a difficult subject.

Treading cautiously around sticky situations

Moreover, when we don’t want to have massive arguments at home, we often walk with caution around those subjects so that our partner doesn’t get upset about it and everything remains peaceful and calm at home. However, if we do start talking about the difficult situation, it will surely erupt into an enormous argument between the two of us.

Constantly bringing up old conversations

When we aren’t comfortable opening up to our partner but want to problem-solve the situation with them, we often fall back into the old conversations that are done and dusted. This means that both of us are not entirely ready to start talking about the painful topic with each other.

Thus, these are some of the signs of not communicating well with your partner. It’s about time that we don’t let any difficult conversations crop up in our relationship so that we can live a normal, happy life with each other.

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