How to love ourselves more and not to be upbeat about it

In society, we must take the most care of ourselves because it is more of a necessity than an obligation. Nowadays, we are surrounded by constant distractions, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can take a bad toll on ourselves.

Therefore, we must work more on ourselves and not become upbeat about it and make better versions. But, we become harsh with ourselves and do not take proper care as well.

To take care of ourselves emotionally, we must start working on this special relationship so that we don’t face difficulties in life.

Says relationship coach Rebecca Ore on working with ourselves,

Working on our relationships with ourselves can feel big and overwhelming. But it really comes down to one thing… Your thoughts about you.

How to start a healthy relationship with ourselves

Here are some steps in which we can start on the right footing if we want to have a long and healthy relationship.

Stop comparisons with others

Oftentimes, we end up comparing our progress with those of others and this leads to massive disappointment because we feel that we aren’t doing enough in life.

Remaining in toxic relationships

When we aren’t able to find anyone proper in life, we try and remain in toxic relationships because we tend to feel that we will not be able to make new friendships or relationships in life.

Being hypervigilant of others

Fearing rejection and dislike from others, we always remain on the lookout for others’ behaviors and responses and remain critical all the time.

Being harsh towards ourselves

Often making mistakes is considered normal, however, we become overly critical and condemn ourselves as well. This needs to stop and accept that making mistakes is a part of the process.

Moving on from negative thoughts

If something bad happens to us in our lives, we often have a tough time moving on from it because we are constantly surrounded by the same for a long time. This memory also gives us a sense of shame and regret.

Thus, this is how we can start building up a new and beautiful relationship. If you haven’t started, we suggest you start working on yourself as quickly as possible.

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