How to protect yourself from brain tumors before getting one

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches that are getting persistent even after having medication, chances are you might be having something serious inside your head.

Meanwhile, if such symptoms are constantly threatening you and making your lifestyle worse, you would have to go in for a brain scan to check whether you’ve developed a brain tumor or not.

Usually, headaches are caused by symptoms such as cold, stressful situations, or just hormonal changes in the body.

However, if these are not the symptoms of your headache, and you are also experiencing bouts of forgetfulness, then it can certainly be a brain tumor and not a simple headache.

Furthermore, Craig Russell, a British actor has recently revealed his fight with brain cancer and how he has survived it.

He says that after getting frequent headaches and severe episodes of forgetfulness, he decided to undergo an MRI.

The scans revealed that he had developed a ‘lime-sized’ tumor inside his brain that had been growing for 15 years! Imagine how shocking it must have been for the actor himself.

Luckily with advanced medical technology, he quickly underwent surgery that removed the entire tumor from his brain and now he is cancer-free.

Now, Russell feels that he has become more health-conscious than before after his surgery. He says,

I started lifting weights again straight away, I started light and started walking 10 miles a day, started running.

So, what exactly is a brain tumor?

Just like any other cancer out there, a brain tumor is also a cancerous growth of cells near the brain or in other regions like the nerves, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, etc.

However, brain tumors are usually non-malignant tumors unlike other cancers, and are always slow-growing and take a long time to show any symptoms in a person.

Make sure you don’t ignore these signs and symptoms

Let’s take a closer look at the signs and symptoms that usually trigger brain tumors in people.

Headache that intensifies the most during morning time

Persistent headaches that are not improving even after taking several medications

Bouts of nausea and vomiting in patients

Forgetfulness issues that can increase over time

Vision problems that can make people blind as well

Loss of sensation in the limbs

Frequent seizures that can be fatal to a person’s life

Experiencing dizziness and fatigue

As of now, there are no specific treatments or drugs that can lower your risk of getting a brain tumor but you can certainly get yourself screened on time if you are suffering from frequent headaches.

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