Ways to add a luxurious touch to your home using brass and copper items

Brass and copper are such luxurious and down-to-earth metals that they are still used to amp up living spaces in various homes. They still have a certain charm for everyone who loves to retain some old-school styles.

Says Tapan Bhuyan on using copper and brass in living spaces,

Brass and copper are timeless materials that could immediately add a hint of luxury and warmth to any space. These metals have been utilized in indoor design for centuries and are preserved to remain applicable because of their versatility and splendor. Adding brass and copper accents to your private home can amp up its decor and bring a hint of sophistication to your living space.

Tips on how brass and copper items can add warmth to your space

Here’s how using these two metals can lift your home and mood when put to excellent use.

Light fixtures

Using these two metals in light fixtures such as lamps, chandeliers, hanging lights, and wall lamps can give an instant makeover to any room. Furthermore, these metals give a cozy feel to the whole atmosphere, be it your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. Choose from a range of fixtures that evoke a sense of nostalgia for you.

Use them in the kitchen

Decorating your kitchen with these metals will make it stand out from the rest of the house. You can start by installing knobs for your kitchen cabinets. Moreover, put some cookware made of these metals. Opt for a sink or faucet made of either of these two metals.

Use them around the house

Using brass and copper accessories in and around the house can add a big change to your living spaces. You can opt for things such as vases, photo frames, candleholders, or jewelry boxes that will exude a touch of luxury. Additionally, these metals go well with wood and marble as well.

Incorporate them in your furnishings

Try to add these metals in the form of furnishings for your home. Use them for coffee tables, side tables, or consoles. These metals also give off a modern vibe to your rooms. Even your chairs and stools can have copper or brass frames.

Use them for walls

Finally, you can also use these metals for photo frames. Any plain wall will pop up when brass and copper frames are added to the photos. Even wall sculptures can do the trick for you. These add depth and texture to your rooms. One more option to spice up your walls is to use wallpapers that have a metallic tone. These can add a soft shine, and a sprinkle of glamour to any wall.

Thus, this is how these humble metals can be used around your house. Just make sure you use them accurately so that they don’t give off a gaudy appearance.

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