What are the signs of facing and coping with rejection?

Nowadays, rejection by others is a very common phenomenon that we find ourselves in quite a lot. Whether it be in relationships, work, or any other sphere of life, we have attuned ourselves to getting rejected by others.

Additionally, some of us may feel the rejection quite deeply as compared to others who may not take it that far and forget about it as well after some time. How we deal with rejection is different for each person.

Furthermore, the impact of the rejection can also be different for different persons and they use different coping strategies to overcome the negativity.

Says therapist Katie Fracalanza on facing rejection from others,

How deeply a person experiences feelings of rejection varies. Some individuals are born more interpersonally sensitive, while others are less sensitive. It is a trait that varies in the population, somewhat like height.

Signs of rejection sensitivity which we should be aware of

Let’s now focus our attention on the various signs that can alert us that we are facing this sensitivity.

Feeling embarrassed or ashamed easily

When we get rejected by others, we tend to showcase quick embarrassment and ashamed feelings straightaway. We also feel that we must forget about the event as quickly as possible.

Seeking reassurance from others

Although we hear things from others that they haven’t rejected us altogether, we feel that we have already been in the bin. That’s why we start seeking constant reassurance from others.

Setting high standards

When we start fearing the phenomenon, we set some lofty standards for ourselves and also self-criticize ourselves because we feel that we may have missed a point somewhere.

Having emotional outbursts

Sometimes, the feelings of rejection can be too much for us and this leads to emotional imbalance we show anger, and anxiety, and are always sensing the threat of rejection.

Avoiding social gatherings

Lastly, we start avoiding social gatherings or meetings when we have feelings of rejection deep-rooted inside us. Additionally, we start feeling that we will not be able to cope with so many people at a single place.

Thus, these are the signs of getting a full-on rejection from others and what it can do to our mental health. So, try using healthy coping mechanisms when you’ve been rejected and think of it as a blessing that you’ve been rejected because the person or the job wasn’t meant for you in the end.

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