Do you have maternal mental issues? Look out for these signs

Recently, there has been a constant rise in the amount of maternal mental health cases around the world. This is affecting a lot of mothers who are not able to cope with the difficulties of parenting and also familial pressure.

Furthermore, new-age mothers are also falling into the trap of Complex Post-Traumatic Disorder and are displaying symptoms of the same which is quite alarming as well.

Therefore, it is quite important to keep an eye on the signs of maternal mental health so that we can help the mother cope with her problems healthily.

Says therapist Linda Meredith on this new syndrome,

Remember, taking care of your mental health is not just beneficial for you, but also for your family. It’s okay to seek support and take time for self-care.

Signs and symptoms to watch out for when a woman is undergoing maternal downfall

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that must make us aware that a mother is under severe mental pressure.

Excessive mood swings

Firstly, if a mother is displaying extreme mood swings, sadness, or irritability then it is a sign that she is undergoing emotional frustration and is drained from the entire experience.

Showing a lack of sleep or oversleeping

Many mothers will also show signs of insomnia or changed sleeping patterns. Otherwise, they might oversleep on some days. This shows that she is suffering from mental health problems.

Eating too much or too little

An increase or decrease in appetite is another sign of mental health issues for mothers. They might eat a good meal one day and the next refuse to eat at all.

Having too many worries

Oftentimes, mothers may also show signs of extreme worry, anxiety, or stress that may be uncalled for. This can drain her emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Feeling tired all the time

Even when she has had enough amounts of rest, a mother may still feel tired throughout the day. This is another sign to look out for.

Thus, these are the signs that we have to be wary of in new mothers who are taking care of their newborn infants. They need all the love, support, and care that is required during this critical time.

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