Ways to spot driving anxiety in ourselves and others

We all know that driving a vehicle is very stressful at times but when it becomes coupled with anxiety, then what is the person supposed to do? He/she may completely stop driving or even stop going out as a result.

This is what refers to the driving anxiety that some of us face from time to time. It can be triggered simply by sitting in a vehicle or being on the road. Moreover, these are quite extreme thoughts.

Examples of these extreme thoughts include fear of the surrounding hustle or thoughts about getting killed or killing someone. This can scare the hell out of a person.

Signs of driving anxiety: A detailed look at each of them

Here’s how driving anxiety affects some of us and gives us the chills as well.

Changes in heartbeat and heart rate

The first symptom of driving anxiety that we can encounter is an increased heartbeat and rapid heart rate which is a clear sign that we are suffering from anxiety. Therefore, it is sensible that we stop our vehicle and take slow and long deep breaths before continuing.

Having dread and stomachache

Furthermore, we may experience feelings of dread and physically get a stomachache which will instantly let us know that an anxiety attack is on the horizon.

Sweaty palms and gripping the steering wheel too tight

Thirdly, we may get sweaty and clammy palms and we may start clutching the steering wheel tightly as well. This should make us instantly aware that we are getting anxious.

Thinking about causing or getting into an accident

Next, we may get a variety of irrational thoughts about being involved in an accident or causing others harm. Additionally, we may also think that we will die in a road accident. These thoughts can give us quite a scare and we may start avoiding roads.

Being on the verge of a mental breakdown

Lastly, we may also encounter thoughts of getting a mental breakdown while driving our vehicle. When this is happening, immediately stop your vehicle and regroup your thoughts.

Thus, these are some of the thoughts that can elicit anxiety and panic attacks while driving. Therefore, be aware of these symptoms if you are suffering from this condition.

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