What is narcissism and what are the signs that we need to be aware of?

As we all know narcissism is a harmful trait in a person who wants everything to be perfect and likes to live in a sort of utopia. They feel that by manipulating others, they can get whatever they want and then leave them to their fates afterward.

When a narcissist gets negative criticism or feedback, then he/she tries to pull out of the situation by giving excuses and quickly moving on to the next thing. This is quite harmful to others who are trying to make a narcissist change their ways.

Additionally, these people always want to have constant admiration from those near them and also show a lack of empathy.

Therefore, dealing with narcissistic people can be quite tough because they don’t back down from anything.

What are some of the major symptoms of narcissism?

Here are some of the signs that a person with narcissism faces daily and that gives others the creeps.


Firstly, a person suffering from narcissism has major feelings of grandiosity and they then try to suppress or belittle those around them. They hold an exaggerated view of themselves.

Lack of Empathy

Additionally, people with this disorder have a total lack of empathy for others and want they get admiration from every nook and corner.

Exploitative Behaviour

Furthermore, narcissists always think about themselves first and think about ways of achieving even more perfection for themselves. For this to happen, they don’t think twice about manipulating and exploiting others.

Lack of Accountability

If they make any mistake, then they refuse to acknowledge it fully and think that others are to be blamed for the same.

Difficulty with Criticism

When confronted with heavy criticism, these people often lose their cool, give harsh reactions to those around them and even display aggressive behavior as well.

Thus, this is how we must know when a person is displaying narcissistic behavior and stay clear of them. It’s no use changing the mindset of a narcissistic person because they are never going to change.

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