Follow a new and unique practice to slow down your racing mind

For those of us who struggle with a racing mind, fear not because there’s a new technique to control our minds. Yes, you heard that right. This new technique is known as SIBAM and it uses sensations to calm down your mind.

Says therapist Alexis Florentina Borja on this developing technique,

This Somatic Experiencing exercise called SIBAM stands for sensation, image, behavior (movement), affect and meaning. It supports our system in expanding racing or fixed thoughts and helps us move out of the mind and into the body.

How can a somatic treatment help you relax your racing brain

Here is how this new technique is helping achieve people’s goals of having a less active brain and allowing them to think clearly.

Observation of nature

Firstly, to feel the inner sensations of our body, we must undertake a slow observation of nature and our natural surroundings. Additionally, allow yourself to feel and understand how your body reacts to the observation of nature.

Becoming more aware of ourselves

Furthermore, we should observe our bodily symptoms such as heart rate, weight, and temperature to better understand ourselves.

Using comfortable imagery

Moreover, during this focus and observation process, we might get some images in our heads that may be both comfortable or uncomfortable. Try focusing on the comfortable images.

Understanding the impact of the image

When we fully understand the meaning of the image, we must give ourselves a big and tight hug and allow the emotions to flood our bodies.

Understanding our emotions

After understanding our images, we must now focus on our emotions. Start analyzing your emotions and what they are trying to tell you. This exercise will slow and calm your mind down.

Thus, this is how the new technique works in calming down the mind and keeping it in a tranquil state.

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