How stress hormones affect our body and mood: All you need to know

Stress is the biggest enemy of mental health and causes multiple problems when left untreated. Moreover, stress hormones give us all sorts of mood swings and make it difficult to focus on everyday tasks.

Therefore, stress is bad for us both physically and mentally and can even give us anxiety attacks that can last for both short and long durations. We all must know how to tackle stress effectively.

Says therapist Georgie Collinson on the harmful effects of stress,

An imbalance of cortisol can throw other hormones out of balance too, like Oestrogen and progesterone, causing problems with menstrual cycles and the PMS anxiety that comes with that.

Ways in which stress hormones affect us both physically and mentally

Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of stress on the body and mind that can be harmful to us.

Feeling extremely thirsty

Although we may be adequately hydrated throughout the day, stress makes us drink large amounts of water which may be more than necessary.

Sweet cravings all the time

When we are under a lot of stress, our mind wants to eat a lot of sugary foods that can stave off the pressure moments temporarily. This makes us binge on a lot of cakes and pastries.

Very bad mood swings

This one’s for all the females out there. When we are on our periods, we can get extremely bad mood swings which is the result of high cortisol levels in the body.

Unable to fall asleep

Stress makes our sleeping patterns erratic and we face a hard time falling asleep, especially during the night. When this happens, we face groggy mornings and a lot of exhaustion.

Not able to lose weight

When we have a lot of stress hormones in our body, it doesn’t allow us to lose weight and gain muscle strength. This can give us major anxiety.

Thus, this is how we feel when our cortisol levels are high. It is important to manage our stress so that we don’t fall under its trap.

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