Better alternatives than keeping resolutions for the coming year

Virtually, all of us are planning spectacular new year bashes to usher in 2024. Additionally, we are also planning on keeping lots of resolutions to power us throughout the coming year.

However, many of us fall way behind our resolutions when the year is half done. That’s why jokes abound when it comes to keeping New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, we must look for better and more practical alternatives for the new year this time.

Says therapist Jordan Green on keeping New Year resolutions,

New Year’s resolutions aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Personally, I’ve found more resonance in these alternatives. The past few years, I’ve chosen a theme over a specific resolution-it sets me up for success and allows flexibility in manifestation.

Alternative ideas to follow than setting up a New Year resolution

Here are some of the methods that can be easily followed for the coming year.

Make a bucket list of your dreams

When you make a bucket list, it allows us to visualize our dreams better and we can achieve them one step at a time and be proud of our achievements as well. Additionally, we will get to participate in our small adventures.

Set yourself smaller challenges

Don’t pressure yourself to achieve big challenges throughout the year. Instead, try to make them bite-sized challenges that can be easily fitted into your daily schedule. Also, whenever you complete any challenge, make sure you give enough acknowledgment to yourself.

Have a gratitude journal

If you wish to have gratitude in yourselves, then the New Year is the best opportunity to do so. Keep a journal where you jot down things that you are grateful for and want to be thankful for in the future. This allows us to up our hopes and expectations.

Have a makeover for the upcoming year

You can go in for a total makeover of either yourself or your room or anything that you want to be changed. Resetting our lives is the best thing we can do this New Year’s. Doing a reboot can drastically improve our lives.

Have a specific word or mantra for yourself

This New Year, try to have a specific word or mantra that you wish to follow or emulate that you fully abide by. When you have such a word or mantra in place, then only can you be successfully walking on the path that you have created for yourself.

Thus, these alternatives are much better than having a full-blown New Year’s resolution. Always have smaller goals every year and try to achieve them by the end of the year.

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