Start calming your anxious mind by following these practices

Anxiety can get the better of us at almost everything and make us refrain from doing productive things that can be useful for our growth and well-being.

Moreover, anxious thoughts also haunt us from time to time and make us dysfunctional as well. Therefore, we have to use methods that can reduce our anxiety and make us better people.

Says therapist Linda Meredith on anxiety,

In our recovery journey, one important skill is learning to interrupt and manage anxious thoughts. These thoughts can be persistent and overwhelming, but with practice, we can learn to gently steer our minds towards calmer waters.

How to use peace and calm as weapons to defeat our anxiety

Here is how we can be more peaceful and calm when dealing with anxiety and anxious thoughts.

Take a deep breath when feeling anxious

When you feel that your mind is getting overcrowded with anxious thoughts, it is best that you take a nice, long deep breath to calm your mind and allow your brain to deal with the thoughts.

Use more positive affirmations

If you feel anxious from time to time, make sure that you use more positive affirmations and disconnect from negative thoughts and feelings. Additionally, we must seek solutions for our anxiety.

Write everything down in a journal

When anxiety clouds your mind and you are having a hard time focusing on different tasks, it’s better to use a journal and write all your feelings down in that. It will help you to calm down and give you better clarity on the situation.

Become more self-aware

Practicing more self-awareness can help block out negative thoughts and feelings and also try to understand that anxiety is giving us a trigger to reflect on the negative thoughts.

Think of our achievements and successes

When we make our achievements and successes overshadow the negative and anxious thoughts, we can feel even better about ourselves and make others make us like more.

Thus, this is how we can overcome our anxious thoughts and feelings and move on to better things in life. Remember to use these methods whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

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