How toxic family behavior can ruin our holiday mood and spirit

All of us are currently enjoying the holiday season with our friends and family and even spending lots of quality time with them as well. But what happens when we have a toxic family to go home to?

Few of us have toxic families that can completely ruin our holiday mood and the jolly spirit that we arrived with. Furthermore, many of us become immune to their behavior and tune out of their conversations.

Says Lalitaa Suglani on toxic family behavior,

During the festive season, the saying- blood is thicker than water- often emphasises family bonds amid the joy of Christmas. However, this sentiment doesn’t dismiss the layers of dysfunction that can exist within families. It’s important to acknowledge that while this time signifies togetherness, it doesn’t overshadow the complexities and potential toxicity within familial relationships.

What are some of the toxic traits in a dysfunctional family that can affect us?

Let’s take a look at all of the toxic family traits that can give us a headache.

Bringing up the uncomfortable past

During the holidays, all of us want to create positive and happy memories with our families. However, when our parents bring up old memories, we become highly uncomfortable.

Downtalking us regarding our lifestyle

Oftentimes, our families tend to talk negatively about our traits which can make us the black sheep of the family.

Creating conflicts and chaos

In every dysfunctional family, conflicts, and chaos always erupt from time to time. However, when this chaos trickles down into the holiday season, it can create anxiety and panic attacks in us and make us distrust our family members as well.

Belittling us from time to time

Furthermore, our family, and especially our parents can use belittling comments regarding our life choices which is a seriously toxic thing to do and can hamper us mentally as well.

Using emotional manipulation

Usually, our parents use emotional manipulation on us when they want to get their things done or even use passive-aggression when things don’t go their way. This shouldn’t happen during the holiday season, especially as it’s a time to be jolly and happy.

Thus, this is how we get trapped within a toxic family and feel alienated during the holiday season from our family and relatives who can pull us down with their behaviors.

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