When OCD makes us believe that certain things must be done

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a type of abnormality that occurs in a few people who then get into the habit of performing all daily activities repeatedly which can give them self-harm.

Additionally, OCD also makes us believe that certain actions must be performed to be functional in daily life. However, all of this is false and must not be followed. Therefore, OCD sufferers must think things rationally before giving in to their abnormality.

How OCD creates havoc in our daily lives by giving us false assumptions

Let’s take a look at how OCD messes with our brains and makes us do unacceptable behaviors in front of others.

Makes us perform certain rituals to make us feel safe

When we have OCD, we tend to perform many rituals that can make us feel safe. OCD doesn’t allow our brains to deal with uncomfortable thoughts and situations which makes it very difficult to deal with them later.

Makes us believe that we have to act even when we don’t want to

Sufferers of OCD feel that when they have a particular thought about any action, they must perform it immediately even when normally they don’t want to.

Makes us believe we can prevent disasters

A person with OCD believes that by repeatedly performing the same actions over and over, they can prevent certain disasters from happening. That’s why they start adding more rituals.

Makes us feel that thinking about an act is equivalent to committing it

Our OCD makes us feel that when we think about harmful acts, we are more likely to commit them. However, this is simply not true. Just because we are thinking about any acts of self-harm doesn’t mean that we will commit them.

Gives us intrusive thoughts

Finally, it gives us intrusive thoughts that can make us a bad person in society. This is what this abnormality wants us to believe in.

Thus, these are the common misconceptions that OCD makes us hold about ourselves. It’s time to break the barrier and step out of our abnormal realm to the real world.

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