Which boundaries to set for ourselves to protect our emotional health

Saving ourselves from mental and emotional ruin is the most important thing that we can do in today’s society. When we don’t do this simple thing, it can lead to burnout, stress, and depression. That’s why we also need certain boundaries that can protect us from further harm.

When we have set personal boundaries, it ensures that we and others don’t overstep them and do everything within the set boundary.

Says therapist Klara Kernig on setting emotional boundaries,

Setting boundaries is an important skill to learn if you want to be emotionally healthy. Struggling to say no or even knowing what healthy boundaries are is very normal in our days.

Steps to set emotional and mental boundaries for ourselves and others

Here is how we can set emotional boundaries to protect ourselves from burnout and be stable mentally.

Practicing self-care routines

Firstly, we must always practice self-care routines so that we always keep our mental health a priority. For this to happen, time must be set aside.

Don’t run away from your emotions

Instead of escaping from our emotions, we must sit down and listen and understand them. Furthermore, we must start validating and nurturing them.

Setting a limit on spending our emotional energy

When we spend our emotional energy on different social gatherings, we tend to feel burnt out and need ample time to recharge our social batteries. Therefore, we must set a limit on how much energy we are willing to spend.

Having personal boundaries for ourselves and others

Setting certain emotional boundaries for ourselves and others is probably the best way to protect ourselves. We must not overstep these boundaries and also ask others to respect them.

Try doing self-comparison

We must follow the path of self-comparison so that we can assess ourselves on an emotional level. Don’t make social comparisons with those around you.

Thus, this is how we can protect our emotional and mental health from outside influences and pressures. Remember that emotional health comes first before anything else.

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