Signs and symptoms of trauma in the human body: A quick look

In life, many of us face traumas in one form or another. Not only does it harm our mental health but it also shows up as different signs and symptoms throughout our body.

It is, therefore, pretty important to take a close look at all of the physical symptoms that our trauma is trying to show us and reduce their occurrence by not thinking about the event that is causing us this trauma.

Says Lalitaa Suglani on trauma’s physical symptoms,

Understanding the signs your body might show when dealing with trauma is an important step toward healing. These points represent various physical and emotional indicators commonly associated with trauma in the body- remember it shows up for each of us differently.

What it feels like to experience trauma in the physical form for us

Here is how our trauma plays out through physical symptoms that we find hard to control sometimes.

Physical exhaustion

For most of us, trauma rears its ugly head by giving us mental and physical exhaustion. We lose all strength to focus on either our work or relationships. This overall exhaustion is very bad for u.

Having lots of pain

Furthermore, trauma also gives us chronic pain that can show up in any body part. This is another huge symptom that many people with trauma complain of.

Causing self-injury

Additionally, people tend to self-harm themselves when the trauma becomes unbearable for them. Therefore, the tendency to self-harm must be curbed at the earliest to save the person’s life.

Picking our skin

One unique aspect of trauma is that it makes a person pick their skin from either the fingers or the toes. It shows us that the person is suffering from stress and anxiety as well.

Dissociation from the outside world

A person in trauma always dissociates themselves from others and the outside world. They don’t want to focus on the present and forget their daily life patterns.

Thus, this is what trauma looks like when expressed through physical symptoms. It is important to understand and work on them.

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