What to do when taking your dog to a pet-friendly cafe or restaurant

In today’s world, a lot of pet parents care highly for their dogs and cats and make sure they give them the best life possible. However, it can also give them a whole new set of responsibilities to shoulder as well.

Some of these responsibilities include teaching them good habits, getting them regular vaccinations, keeping an eye on their diet, etc. which can sometimes give a tiny bit of stress to people.

Additionally, it is also another big role wherein they need to ensure that their pets behave themselves in public places as they can show anxiety and naughty behavior at such places which can cause a ton of embarrassment.

Sometimes, dogs can feel overwhelmed at times when encountering new people and places and it is imperative that we give them full care and attention during this time.

Furthermore, taking their favorite treats, toys, and a familiar mat or blanket can do the trick and help them feel safe and comfortable.

What do trainers have to share regarding taking your dog to a cafe

Dog trainer and Canine Behaviorist, Pradnya has shared some awesome tips that pet parents can use while going to a cafe or restaurant with their furry companion.

Conduct their Toilet Session before you enter

Before taking your pet to the cafe, ensure that they do their toilet session and do not trouble you in between your time at the place. Ensure that you perform this step every time.

Allowing them to be in exploration mode

It is completely fine if your dog is exploring a new place and people after entering the cafe. Do not discourage them and let them settle in gently in the new surroundings. This will ensure that they do not get anxious.

Carry plenty of their favorite treats to the cafe

If your dog behaves well, encourage them by giving them their favorite treat and petting them as well. This will give them the motivation to repeat the behavior and when they become naughty with other guests, be patient rather than scolding them and don’t give them the treat.

Give them something to make them comfortable and less anxious

If you feel your dog will display anxiety or agitation at the cafe, ensure that you carry their favorite mat or blanket. This will allow them to be quiet and to hold on to something familiar while inside the cafe.

Making them familiar with puzzle games

You can even get your dog hooked on some puzzle games whilst spending time at the cafe. Teach them these at the beginning and then let them play the games independently. This ensures that their time is well spent when you are engaged in a conversation of your own.

Give them their chewies

If you have a puppy with you, it may be a good idea to grab a chewy for them if they are in their teething phase. This will allow them to chew on something other than the furniture at the cafe. While some puppies quickly adapt themselves to chewies, others need a bit of help from their pet parents.

Be sure to take them outside once in a while

Even though you may have provided your dog with one toilet session before coming, it is imperative that you keep taking them out on toilet trips so that they don’t dirty the cafe and make it smelly.

Ensure your puppy is enjoying the environment

While taking a puppy to the cafe, make sure that it is enjoying the new environment and adjusting well. Apparently, puppies may draw in hordes of people to your table as they would tend to play with it. If you feel that your puppy is not enjoying the unwanted attention, then request the others to not disturb it much.

Focus on having a positive experience with your dog

Whether it be a dog or a puppy, ensure that they gain positive experiences whilst on their visit to the cafe. If they don’t feel happy, then it can spell trouble for you. If not fun, then at least it should be a pleasant one for them.

Make sure that your dog doesn’t show overexcitement

Be very careful of how your dog behaves when entering the cafe. If they show signs of jumping up on tables and getting overexcited, make sure to train them well to not do so in public places. It will take time but eventually, they will understand how to behave in public places.

In conclusion, we can say that you and your dog should enjoy the outing to the fullest so that your pet looks forward to these visits.

We hope that you will follow these tips if you take your dog to a pet-friendly cafe or restaurant the next time.

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