Do you feel your kid is not listening to you? Here are some reasons

Children and parents share a very loving bond and this bond is indeed considered very special by everyone. Parents always want the best for their children and do everything in their capacity to see them grow up into happy and healthy individuals.

However, some parents become neglectful of their kids and don’t pay attention to their wants and needs. This pushes the child into a deep black hole from which it tries to come out multiple times but fails because the parent is not attentive enough.

Because of disaffection and lack of love from parents, children become rebellious and throw tantrums just to show how much unloved they feel in the family. This is a major cue for every parent who is not showing enough love and care to their child.

When a child doesn’t cooperate well with the parent, the latter feels angered and frustrated with the former. But, instead of taking the path of violence against the child, a parent must understand the reason for the non-cooperative behavior of the child. This will allow them to better understand their child’s needs.

Therefore, we have brought forth some common reasons why your child refuses to cooperate with you during certain situations.

Reasons for a child not cooperating with the parent in certain situations

Let’s take a look at these reasons one by one and try to understand exactly what are those situations during which your child may not show cooperation.

Differences in thought patterns

As parents, we are committed to following a strict schedule, but when it comes to our kids, they might not be quite as interested in doing the same. When this difference in thought pattern arises, it may lead the child to show non-cooperation.

Not being able to fulfill promises made

Many times, we promise our children that we will take them for an outing to someplace at a later time. But, when these promises go unfulfilled, it leaves the child suspicious of the parent and they feel that their parents just talk and aren’t able to fulfill the said promises. Therefore, they also start showing ignorance to their parents.

Giving in to children’s tantrums

Furthermore, children also start throwing tantrums around the house when they want something very badly. This makes the parents give them whatever they want even though after some days, months, or years that thing will not mean much to them. This is a sort of misbehavior on the part of the child to get whatever they want.

Basic needs are not met properly

Sometimes, a child may just refuse to cooperate with their parent because they may have some other need such as they might be feeling hungry, sleepy, lonely, bored, or any other emotion. Therefore, it is essential to understand their underlying needs to fulfill them and make them cooperate.

Children feel disconnected from their parents

When a child feels disconnected or alone, they do everything they can to catch our attention. This can take many forms from doing something good to sometimes aggressive behavior. This is also a child’s way of making us cooperate and listen to their needs.

Thus, this is how our children feel when they don’t get enough love and attention from us as parents. They may either become passive or aggressive with us and start ignoring us as well.

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