Which foods can cause constipation this holiday season for you?

Come winter season, all of us change our dietary patterns drastically and enjoy more sugary and fatty foods which we consider comforting and tasty as well. However, these foods can also give us constipation as well.

However, we can overcome this problem if we follow a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, not eating too much junk food, etc. Even in winter, we must be able to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

Says senior dietitian Riya Desai on what comfort foods can do to our body during winter,

As the winter chill sets in, it’s essential to pay attention to our dietary choices to maintain optimal digestive health. Surprisingly, certain foods, often associated with winter comfort, may contribute to constipation. Here’s a closer look at seven culprits.

Foods that mainly contribute to constipation during winter

Let’s take a look at some of the winter foods that can give us constipation during the winter season.

Foods containing low fiber

It’s common in winter to have various comfort foods such as soups, breads, hot chocolate, and refined foods that satiate our taste buds and keep us warm as well. However, these refined foods contain very low fiber and can affect our gut system which in turn can cause constipation due to low fiber intake. Usually, the intestines help in maintaining our digestion, the ratio between good and bad bacteria, and avoiding the problem.

Taking too much coffee

Furthermore, it is common in winter to take more hot beverages such as tea and coffee as these are the best to keep us warm during the cold season. Unfortunately, too much intake of caffeine products can cause constipation and therefore these should be drunk in limited quantities and portions.

Sweet Treats

We all know that winter is the time for Christmas and we celebrate the holiday season by consuming many sugary treats and snacks which we find tasty and comforting as well. But, all these sweet treats are not good for our health because they are processed and refined and contain trans fats that can harm gut bacteria and cause us to get hard stools.

Meats and Proteins

During the winter season, we all eat more proteins such as meat, eggs, and other forms of protein as they give us comfort and strength to tough out the cold season. But, once again, meat is saturated fat and every nonvegetarian dish is fried and doesn’t contain enough fiber as well. Additionally, consuming heavy proteins can cause our digestive system to slow down because it takes time to break down meat and this induces slower bowel movements.

Not having a good amount of fruits and veggies

If our diet doesn’t contain enough fresh fruits and vegetables, it is another sign of getting constipation quickly. All our fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is helpful for the gut and to avoid the problem once and for all. Therefore, ensure that you have your daily quota of fruits and veggies.

Dehydration from alcohol

Lastly, alcohol is another major factor for constipation. It must be kept in mind that consuming too much alcohol can lead to dehydration. When dehydration occurs, the body loses massive amounts of fluids and it leads to constipation.

Thus, this is how food plays a major role in keeping us constipation-free during the whole year. So, if you want to have a great Christmas and New Year, we suggest that you maintain a healthy diet.

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