Here’s how you can self-assess yourself based on your behavior

In life, everyone wants personal growth and they try to do so through so many means available such as reading self-help books, watching motivational videos, etc.

But, do you know there’s one aspect of life that we all ignore to achieve maximum personal growth? That’s right: our behavior also determines whether we have achieved a significant level of personal growth or not.

All of our daily life actions, whether it be decision-making and the thoughts that we may be having, or doing different activities throughout the day define our personal growth.

Says therapist Carolyn Rubenstein regarding the same,

These patterns, shaped by experiences, culture, and learning, include how we handle stress, communicate, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and manage time.

Ways in which we can self-assess our behavior for better personal growth

Let’s take a look at how personal growth can be achieved through better behavior.

Take out time for self-reflection

Firstly, each one of us should have a separate time for self-reflection. This is because we will then be more self-aware and also make corrections in our behavior that may be harmful to us.

Think deeply about our triggers

Moreover, we must also make a list of triggers that influence our behavior. When we have a ready list in front of us, then we can address and correct them accordingly.

Understand every pattern

Additionally, we must also be aware of the various patterns regarding our thoughts, actions, and emotions so that we can point out the exact recurring themes in them.

Keeping track of our emotions and reactions

Furthermore, we also have to keep track of the emotions that consistently uplift or destroy our behavior. Also, we must note down the reactions that we get according to each emotion.

Understand our choices of the past

Finally, we all must reflect on the choices that we have made in the past. This allows us to understand how we are approaching our various challenges.

Thus, this is how we have to go about when we are aiming for personal growth in life. Always make sure you are checking on your behavior and making a note of any changes that you might be making.

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