Signs of emotional reasoning that we all must be aware of

Have you ever tried emotionally reasoning your life? If not, then there’s a new practice that lets you use your emotions to reason out your life and not get involved with the facts.

This practice is known as emotional reasoning and it has been termed quite healthy by many therapists. This type of reasoning allows us to see and understand our reality based on emotions and not on facts.

Says therapist Carolyn Rubenstein on emotional reasoning,

To cope with emotional reasoning try to observe your emotions without immediately accepting them as facts. You can also explore alternative explanations for the situations. Consider how others might perceive it or what additional information might be relevant.

Symptoms of emotional reasoning that we must know of

Let’s now take a deeper look at some of the symptoms of emotional reasoning that we may not be aware of.

Being cautious of our thoughts and emotions

Firstly, many of us make the mistake of judging ourselves emotionally and perceive what we are feeling right now as the true reality. However, this is not so. Therefore, try to be very cautious with your thoughts and feelings.

Overlooking and dismissing facts

Sometimes, we tend to dismiss the actual situation that is happening right in front of us because we feel that it contradicts our reality.

Harsh self-criticism

Oftentimes, we get involved in the process of harsh self-criticism and talk to ourselves in very rude tones. Doing this can drastically bring our self-confidence down.

Affects decision-making

Furthermore, our emotions sometimes get the better of us as they constantly affect our decision-making process and make us choose irrationally.

Thus, these are some of the facets that we have to deal with when we are thinking emotionally rather than logically. While thinking emotionally may sometimes be the better choice, do not allow it to hamper your serious life choices.

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