How to fall asleep effectively after a massive panic attack

When we or others have a massive panic attack in the middle of the night, we often become stressed and have trouble falling asleep.

This is because we are overthinking the situation and putting ourselves in a spiral because of the negativity attached to the situation.

However, some major effective techniques can help us fall asleep immediately after a panic attack without the thought nagging us anymore.

Techniques to make us fall asleep immediately after having a panic attack

Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that make us fall asleep when we are recovering from our panic attacks.

Military method

Firstly, we can use the military method to fall asleep easily. In this method, we have to relax all the parts of our body such as the face, mouth, shoulders, chest, legs, thighs, and calves. After this, we need to think about a happy place.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

On the other hand, using progressive muscle relaxation is a great technique to fall asleep. In this method, we must relax every muscle segment of our body and hold it for a few seconds. Even if we are not able to complete the entire exercise, we have to allow ourselves to fall asleep immediately.

Picturing a happy place

Moreover, having a happy picture in your mind allows your brain and nervous system to calm down and enjoy the thought of being in that place. This also keeps us distracted from anxious thoughts.

Bettering our sleeping hygiene

Before going to bed, ensure that you prepare your bedroom well. Start by adjusting the temperature, dimming the lights, and keeping all your electronic devices away.

Thus, these are the effective methods that can take us to dreamland immediately. So, make use of these methods whenever panic attacks threaten you.

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