How should we refurnish our lighting when building or renovating?

All of us love to renovate our homes from time to time. However, the features we look to renovate the most are the wallpapers, paints, furnishings, and the like. Unfortunately, lighting is one aspect that we don’t focus on much and it gets neglected most of the time.

But, now in the modern age, we must seriously think about renovating our lighting as well because it can change the ambiance of our living spaces to a great degree and make our living even more comfortable.

Time to say goodbye to those incandescent, tube lights, and CFLs and instead opt for LED lights that use 90% less energy and give great savings on electricity bills as well.

Additionally, we all witness changes in every sphere of our life and lighting is no different. From design to innovations to technologies, there is a wide variety to choose from and amp up our living spaces.

Therefore, choose your lighting wisely if you’re currently in the process of renovating your home so that you don’t miss out on the latest trends.

Which lights to choose when undergoing a home renovation

Let’s now focus on some important pointers when it comes to choosing a light for our renovated home.

Choose lights that resonate with your living space

According to the dimensions, purpose, and vibe of the room, you need to choose the proper lights as well. When it comes to common spaces, choose bright lights so that every corner of the room is lit up. Furthermore, when it comes to personal spaces, you can opt for dim lighting. Three types of lights can be used according to the room. These are ambient, accent, and task lights. Ambient should be used for general lighting of the space, accent should be used when you want to highlight any important aspect, and task lights when you’re working in a certain area.

Pick lights before finishing

When your new or old home is almost in the finishing process, choose your lights first. It is a wise decision to finish your lighting decisions before you move on to paint, wallpaper, furnishings, etc. Don’t opt for dimmer colors or extremely vivid colors as these will not look good with the lighting you might have chosen. Instead, go for a palette of warm and conventional white light that will go well with your interiors.

Repair all your faulty wiring

Make sure your wiring is up to date when you are about to install the lights. Replace any old, worn-out, or faulty wiring so that you don’t end up with fluctuations and flickering of your new lights. Make sure you check how much each room wants in terms of lighting, and make your wiring stronger if the room needs a lot of it. This will also protect your home from electrical leaks and keep you safe. Furthermore, your gadgets and appliances will have a long and efficient life.

Choose LED over traditional forms of lighting

Nowadays, using LED lighting is all the craze and many homes are opting to use this new style of lighting. However, there are a variety of LED lights available that can be difficult to choose from and can make us a bit nervous. So, the best alternative in this case is to see which lighting works for you and then make your pick.

Install technology-enabled lights

These days, our lighting is connected to our smartphones through which we can control the brightness of our lights. So, use this technology to your advantage and install these lights so that just by using your smartphone, you can switch them on or off. Motion sensor lights are a good option to install in wardrobes and other connecting spaces of the home. Some lights are self-adjusting, that is, they detect the outside light and then increase or decrease brightness.

Choose lights according to the residents

Furthermore, you must make your lighting choices based on the residents of your home. If you have senior citizens residing with you, then make sure their room has enough bright light for their comfort and convenience. Young adults will opt for more remote-controlled lights as well as automatic lights to illuminate their living spaces. When it comes to young children, use more soft lights and night lights so that their sleep is not disturbed and they feel comfortable.

Have a trusted electrician

Finally, when you start installing the lights, make sure the work is done by a qualified and trusted electrician who can make repairs or changes in the future. This is because they know your electrical layout from the start and will be able to troubleshoot the problem better.

Additionally, set aside a budget for your lighting purchases and also prepare a list of dos and don’ts about your convenience and what suits your home better. Thus, we believe that these tips will work to your advantage when you go shopping for your lights.

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