Relationship green flags to look out for when engaged in a conflict

As we all know, having conflicts with our partners during a relationship is pretty normal. Even the smallest of things can rile both of us up and cause a huge row. However, we must start noticing the green flags in our relationship when we are repairing the situation.

So, what are these green flags? These can be things like acknowledging our partner as an individual, having a good amount of respect and sanity between the both of us and finding solutions as a team.

Says couple therapist Jordan Dann on spotting these green flags,

Here are some steps to express frustration (and behaviours to look out for in your partner) that are Green Flags that indicate you’re working toward repair in a safe and regulated way.

Spotting the Green Flags during conflict resolvement in a relationship

Here are the signs that your relationship is on the road to repair and you are following the correct steps.

Treating the partner as an individual

Firstly, in a relationship, always remember that your partner is a separate individual who is allowed to express his/her opinions, ideas, and perspectives when engaged in a conflict.

Regulation is key

Having a calm and collected image during the conflict resolution stage is crucial for both partners as letting out our emotions can seriously damage the relationship. Therefore, keep yourself emotionally controlled so that no bad reactions or responses occur from any side.

Start using the word ‘I’

Instead of blaming each other for starting the conflict, ensure that you start using ‘I’ statements so that you can express your feelings and emotions to your partner. Allow them to do the same.

Say your point of view out loud

As you start recounting your side of the story, start feeling the emotions attached to the story and ask yourself why you are feeling them. Your partner can do the same.

Labeling our fear and behavior

Finally, both of us must start taking accountability for our fears and behavior when resolving a conflict. This will help us and our partner to look at things in a completely new light and we may even find a solution.

Thus, these are the positive flags in relationship resolution that both partners must follow to remain blissfully happy without encountering any more conflicts.

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