How to use apology language to restore trust and love with your partner

All of us have a form of love language with our partner that we like to use daily when we are alone. We enjoy that language and it helps us increase our intimacy with us as well. However, there is also another language that partners should use and that is the apology language.

Oftentimes, there are tiffs and arguments between partners and they don’t talk to each other for weeks or months. Additionally, they also don’t try to get to the heart of the problem which can cause a crack in the relationship. That’s when the apology language should be used.

Apology language looks something like this: after committing a mistake, both partners should ask for forgiveness and seek to etch out a middle path so that they can easily get past the problem and live a happy life together.

Normalizing conflicts and addressing them properly is the way to go when it comes to being in a loving and stable relationship.

Different types of apology languages that you and your partner must use

Let’s now take a closer look at what these types of apology languages are and how both partners can use them effectively.

Showing regret after the conflict

If after a massive conflict, one of the partners shows instant regret for having started the conflict in the first place, it makes the other person realize just how much the conflict has affected the feelings of their partner.

Accept the responsibility

Moreover, taking charge of yourself and accepting that the conflict started because of you will help your partner in addressing the problem with you properly.

Finding solutions together

Make it a point that you and your partner will always try to figure out the root of the problem even before having a massive row over the whole issue. This will help solve many of your problems. But, don’t take advantage of each other and weigh out all the possible options.

Working towards making a change

Furthermore, when you and your partner promise each other that both of you will make amends and work on your relationship to make it better, this will vastly improve your moods.

Ask for forgiveness and give time to each other

Even if you do have arguments, then make sure you ask for each other’s forgiveness and give each other a lot of space and time to recover from the impact. When both of you are ready, then address the issue healthily.

Thus, this is how you and your partner can use these apology languages to your benefit and you will get guaranteed results when this is followed properly.

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